About Spark


Spark Design is a design firm committed to knowing our clients business, budgets and needs. We design effective, efficient and enjoyable environments, tailor-made to the needs of each client. As part of R&R Realty Group, we are a one-stop shop for the entire design process.

At Spark Design, we believe great design should…

  • Create a safe environment for everybody, regardless of capabilities
  • Promote the health of everyone
  • Be programmed to each unique client
  • Be effective and help each unique client reach their goals
  • Be mutually beneficial to the occupant and owner of a space


Alissa Nelson

LEED AP | IIDA | NCIDQ #32872 Alissa is Spark Design’s fearless leader, stylish captain and all-around work space enthusiast.

Amy Levenhagen

While “design wizard” isn’t necessarily an official job title, it still fits Amy pretty well. This is one Interior Designer who doesn’t just make things happen, she makes them look good.

Olivia Kuhlemeier

Trend spotter, Design Associate, efficiency expert. Those are just some of the words Spark Design’s customers would use to describe Olivia.