Back to School

It’s August, so that means it is back to school time. I think everyone can agree that Junior High was the worst, High School was fun, but Elementary was the best! So how can office design reflect “the good old days?” Here is how

Break Room Café
Lunch is the time of day that everyone looks forward to. You enjoyed being able to leave your desk and go eat lunch in the cafeteria. It is no different in the workplace. Having the option to eat lunch in the office breakroom or café is an opportunity to help break up your day and walk away from your computer screen for a little bit.

Just like in Elementary, you had a hard time sitting in that dreaded stationary desk all day long with little to no storage! No one size fits all, so sometimes the desks were too small or too large depending on the person. To avoid the discomfort and frustration, adjustable desks are the way to go. Adjustable desks can allow you to choose the height of your desk and maybe even have the ability to stand up. Making sure you have adjustable chairs are important too!

Comfy Seating
As a kid, you can remember wanting to take a break from your desk to sit in the bean bag chair or other lounge seating in the classroom. Well, us adults are no different. We all enjoy a break from our desk and mixing up our work environment. Having multiple lounge seating options throughout your office can really make a difference. This type of furniture can either be staged for solo work or small collaboration spaces.

Wellness Room
Nap time. That was most kids’ favorite activity during the day. Unfortunately, at the office, you can’t just lay down and take a nap. However, wellness rooms can help you out when you are in need of a short mental break. These rooms serve as a quiet and sometimes dark room for you to rest from a migraine or a hard day at work.

Rooftop Patio
Recess was also a fan favorite in Elementary. It was a time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! While we don’t have recess in the office, we can have the next closest thing: rooftop patios. Rooftop patios allow employees to get outside and get some sunlight in their day, especially if they don’t sit by a window. This can help to create better attitudes and productivity in those dreaded “afternoon slump” hours.

Coffee Bars
Speaking of those afternoon slump hours, you usually had a quick milk break in the afternoon. This was meant to give us a little boost to get through the rest of the day. While you probably won’t see people taking milk breaks in the office, you will probably see people getting a fresh cup of coffee. Having coffee bars in your break room or throughout your office can help give employees the boost they need to finish out their day!

While we can’t bring back and relive our Elementary days, we can still incorporate some elements into our every day!

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