Design Trends for 2019

Moving to a new office space or even remodeling your current space, could be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a creative eye. By learning and understanding the current design trends, it may help to give your company a starting point. We’ve narrowed down the top five trends for 2019 that we think will be the most helpful for your space planning needs! Check them out below:

1. Pops of Color

Want to enliven your space through the use of color? Color affects our choices, thoughts, and daily interactions – it is how we understand the world. Color can help reflect the personality of your brand and take your company to the next level.

Color contributes to happiness, productivity, and physical health. It creates a sense of connection to a brand, culture, idea or feeling. Workers will feel more energized and feel more active. Bright colors give off a pleasant atmosphere where more collaboration will be encouraged.

Pops of color can add energy to an office environment.

What colors elicit certain feelings?

YellowFresh Energy, Happiness, Joy, Positivity
BlueLoyalty, Calming, Trust, Strength
GreenGrowth, Renewal, Energy, Safety
OrangeWarmth, Creativity, Stimulation, Determination
PurplePeace, Power, Luxury, Wisdom
RedPassion, Desire, Love, Intensity

2. Geometric Shapes

Want to incorporate your favorite patterns to your space? Geometric shapes can create a new experience when people walk through the entry. Shapes can increase visual excitement by introducing rhythm and repetition. Shapes can help define a space, while also giving the space its own unique character.

By finding shapes in nature and bringing them inside, we feel less stress and more engagement because we are used to the rich sensory information found in nature. Shapes also give an opportunity for splashes of color to add character and depth throughout the space. Shapes can evoke emotion, mood, movement, and symbolize ideas.

Geometric shapes can help give a space character and dimension.

3. Minimalism

Are you striving for a clean and simple look for your space? Minimalistic design creates fluidity and a sense of calmness within the space. This style is rooted from the phrase, “less is more”. A simple color palette of finishes and glass are used throughout the space. This style is meant to remove distractions, but not leave you uninspired.

Minimalism brings a sense of ease, calmness, freedom, and fulfillment. It is meant to focus only on the necessary elements for the functionality of the design. This style primarily focuses on contrasting black and white, but can be accented with bright colors. Consistent textures and tones help create clean lines and give simplicity to the design.

Like they say, there’s beauty in simplicity. That’s why we see minimalism becoming such a trend.

4. Texture

Want to provide visual interest throughout your space? Adding texture creates a special kind of visual weight and draws your eye to a particular object. This kind of visual weight helps to keep the space balanced and creates more interesting visual aesthetics.

Adding texture helps to create interest to your space. Texture is how one perceives the sense of touch, not just physical touch. Texture can help you feel balanced and not leaving you feeling trapped or bored inside. You can use texture to create focal points in rooms or lobbies. Texture works well with color or monochromatic schemes. It can give life to a single color while creating harmony at the same time.

A textured space is an interesting space.

5. Old Meets New

Are you comfortable with traditional style, but don’t want your space to feel dated? Combine traditional and modern together! “Old Meets New” focuses on taking old buildings, spaces, and furniture and giving them new life. This style preserves and embraces the craftsmanship of steel, brick, wood, and other natural materials.

Utilizing a variety of finishes and textures can help move the design into the future, while still making a connection to the past. Elements from a variety of centuries allows employees and clients of all generations to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time. This style embraces the warm, rich color palates.

Spaces that embrace both the past and future are interesting and engaging spaces.

Want to bring some of these trends into your office space? Talk to Olivia Kuhlemeier, Design Associate at Spark Design!