Fall Back in Love With Your Workspace

We all know the excitement of starting a new job and being in a new office space. Just like any relationship, the beginning is always great and you do not pick up on any of the flaws yet. But what happens when you have been there for a few years and you start to become unmotivated by your work environment and need to mix things up? Here are a few ways you can bring back the energy and excitement to your workplace that you may have felt at one time:

Develop a Level of Friendship With Your Co-Workers
In order to encourage employee interaction, an open office layout or collaboration spaces help create opportunities for conversation. You don’t have to be best friends with every single co-worker, but even having just a handful of work friends can make all the difference. Isolating people in offices or tall cubicle walls can make a person feel lonely and increases their work fatigue.

Learn Something New
Sometimes you can feel “stuck in a rut” if you just keep doing the same thing over and over. Never sell yourself short when it comes to continuing education opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try to learn something new. If your office is near a large city, see what conferences or events are coming up in your community that you could apply to your job or use to get ahead in your career. If nothing is available in your city, see what online opportunities are available. This is where having a business center, training room, or focus room(s) in your workplace would be a nice amenity to have. You would have a private, quiet space to take your laptop and participate in online classes or conferences.

Avoid Burnout
Burnout – we’ve all been there. It is that feeling of being overworked, having too many stressful projects, and not taking the mental break you may desperately need from time to time. Unfortunately, burnout can cause you to have a negative correlation towards your job and leave you dissatisfied. These feelings are usually the main reason why people decide to leave their job. Remember the importance of taking vacations or using your PTO in order to step away from work every once in a while. If you don’t have the PTO or resources to take a vacation, incorporate amenities throughout your workplace to help create a mental separation from an employee’s workstation. Some examples could include outdoor patios, outdoor walking trails, fitness center or yoga space, mini coffee shop, library, or a game room.

Personalize Your Workstation
Whether you are in an office or a workstation, personalizing your work area can help lift your spirits throughout your day. This can include photos of your family or friends, plants, souvenirs from trips, motivational signs, candy bowls, or any other touches that remind you of home. Having things out on display that bring you joy, can help you feel more comfortable and relax and can even help spark conversations with your co-workers.

Refresh Your Space Through New Finishes
Is your space feeling boring or outdated, but you don’t have the budget for a full demolition or to move somewhere else? Try taking a small, practical first step by updating your finish selections. Incorporating new finishes throughout can give your office a whole new life without breaking the bank. This can give you that new and excited feeling all over again, without having to change your office layout.

Check out the images below to explore some inspirational finish boards designed by Spark Design:

So, no matter how many years deep you are into your career, don’t fall out of love with your job or your workspace! Use these tips from above to spruce up your office and begin to see the spark and creativity flow again throughout your employees! Don’t let a boring and tired workplace bring you down!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Spark Design!

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