Feature Walls to Feature Your Business

Are you looking for a way to have your company stand apart from others? Are you trying to accomplish the “Wow” factor when a client or a potential employee walks into your office space? Are you contemplating ways to incorporate your company brand? There are many different types of feature walls that can accomplish these goals. With the use of various materials and textures, you can liven up a workplace environment that influences the wellness and productivity of the users. Below you will find feature wall options that may fit your style and needs.

1) Wood Look Walls

Wood accent walls are timeless and add depth, character, warmth and visual appeal. They bring nature into the space along with subtle variations in gradient and texture, which can ease tension and create a more inviting space. Wood looks can be achieved with alternative products such as wood look tile, wood vinyl wallcovering, or wood veneer. Wood looks fit several different styles from rustic and modern to minimalist and intricate. If you are more comfortable with traditional style, this is a great option for your space. Check out more information on “Old Meets New” in our Design Trends for 2019 blog post.

2) Wallcovering

Vinyl Wallcovering can range from small to large patterns that integrate design, color, texture, and variety to an office space. Vinyl wallcovering is very durable and can be especially useful in areas of high traffic. From modern to transitional, there are several beautiful options to fit any design style desired.

3) Accent Paint

The strategic use of bright pops of colors within the workplace environment is a trend that continues to be popular. Bright colors tend to create a more exciting workspace that help motivate and create a more productive environment. Include your corporate color or work with a Spark designer to select a color that will fit with the design theme of the space. To provide even more visual interest, try incorporating more than one paint color in the space – whether this is on several walls or used on the same wall in a strategic pattern.

4) Tile Walls

Tile provides seamless design in a multitude of colors, sizes, and styles that are timeless. It comes in many materials including stone, clay, metal and glass and can transform a room with bold color and added dimension. Another appealing feature of tile is that you can find it in every budget. Additionally, when you choose to use tile, you’re not only bringing style and durability to your space, you’re choosing a material that can be recycled, used for a lifetime, and promotes cleaner environments.

5) Decorative Panels and Tiles

Decorative panels and tiles bring pattern to life with many different shapes, textures, and finishes. They serve as a stunning focal point that give the wall a 3D visual effect. Many different styles are available and there is flexibility with installation and configuration.  Some panels not only bring a unique aesthetic, but acoustical properties to the space as well.

6) Marketing Walls

Workspaces are beginning to wear the spirit of the company and its various cultural cues on their walls. These marketing walls can incorporate corporate colors, branding, values, and history. Marketing walls are a good way to show potential prospects, top talent, and even current employees who you are and what your company stands for. People want to work with/for people they know and trust. Showing that you invest in the company’s culture and clearly define what your company does, may be the differentiator on whether you get business from that new prospect, hire that top talent, or retain the current employee.

7) Green Walls

As humans, we have an innate desire to connect with nature. Incorporating nature into the workplace is a beneficial design tactic that helps reduce stress. This type of accent wall can create a soothing effect in an office environment allowing us to become more recharged and inspired. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, integrating natural cues is essential to our wellbeing. It helps enhance productivity, concentration, and staff retention. Additionally, many companies are starting to incorporate the use of plant walls and moss walls to show clients and potential employees that they care about their staff and have sustainability goals.

8) White Board Walls

Are you looking to boost employee engagement in the workplace? White board walls can be used in open areas or conference rooms to provide employees an outlet to express their ideas without using paper. Evidence suggests that engaged employees are less likely to leave their current organization, are more productive, and take fewer sick days than disengaged staff. Providing an alternative working environment, promotes employee interaction, teamwork, creativity, and innovation.

9) Glass Walls

Glass walls are a great addition to any workspace. It helps bring in more natural light and provides visual connectivity between open areas and enclosed rooms. You may be thinking; a glass wall doesn’t really seem like a feature wall? Well, with the use of glass film, it sure can be. Glass film can provide your space with more visual interest using graphics. These graphics can assist with brand recognition, company values, or aesthetic goals, all while providing privacy for the areas it is used.

10) Acoustical Panels

Is acoustics a concern in your office space? If so, there are feature wall options that meet your needs, as well. Acoustic wall panels can be utilized in conference rooms, meeting spaces, and offices to absorb internal and external sound influences reducing the noise level in the room. With this solution, you can experience better speech intelligibility where needed, while having an aesthetically pleasing option that won’t be an eye sore.

Do any of these options peak your interest? Talk to Amy Levenhagen, Interior Designer at Spark Design! She would love to help you create a space that is unique to your business.

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