Five Office Design Trends to Watch

Here at Spark Design, we get questions about office design trends pretty frequently. That’s why we wanted to put together a comprehensive list of what we’re watching for throughout the rest of 2019!

1.) Biophilic Design

Us Americans spend way too much time inside. Not only is this harmful to our waistlines, it can have a lot of other unintended impacts as well. Not sleeping great at night? That might be a lack of natural sunlight. Luckily, biophilic design is here to help save the day. Office spaces in which people are exposed to natural sunlight and organic plant life can boost focus and even improve certain physical and mental health symptoms. 

An example of biophilic design at R&R’s new space at the Westfield Campus.

2.) Less “Me”, More “We”

Back before everything was digital, large office spaces were necessary to house mass quantities of paper and equipment. But now we all have phones in our pockets with more computing power than the systems that brought humans to the Moon. As a result, such huge spaces aren’t really necessary. This is translating to large, collaborative work spaces with smaller offices huddled around the core of buildings. Expect to see this configuration more often.

3.) Open and Unstructured 

Not only are open concept offices trendy right now, they’re also generally less expensive to build. By maintaining an open floor, employers can increase collaboration and maintain flexibility. Need teams to move around? Want to reconfigure an area? An open office makes that prospect a whole lot easier and potentially more cost effective.

Open spaces allow for increased collaboration between teams.

4.) Employee Experience Matters (A Lot)

The physical design of an office speaks volumes about the culture of an organization. Not only should the design of a space reflect your organization’s values, it should reinforce them for prospective and existing employees. This is something we heard about often in 2018 and we have no doubt it’ll continue to be something that occupies employers’ thoughts in 2019 too. 

5.) The Office: A Home Away From Home

A trend that seemed nearly laughable a few years ago has roared to the forefront in 2018. Chances are, it’ll only get stronger in 2019. What trend is this? It’s the inclusion of amenities most often found in apartment and hotel environments in office spaces. Silicon Valley has had a monopoly on office pool tables for years, but amenities like fitness rooms, game areas and even full-scale cafes and bars are becoming more common in offices across industries. 

Cafes and trendy eating spaces are on their way to replacing the office cafeterias of yesterday.

If you’re curious about these trends and how they can impact your employee acquisition and retention strategies in 2019, then give the Spark Design team a shout!