Hello, Spring!

By now, we’re past Easter, the grass starting to green up, and many of us have flowers and gardens on our minds. With all the natural changes happening, you may not be thinking about your office space. However, springtime is the perfect time for growth and renewal. Here are some tips of how you can reevaluate your space:

Consider Renewing Your Current Space

Renewing your space could possibly lead to conversations about tenant improvement dollars being negotiated into your new lease to help renovate your space. This would allow your space to get a cosmetic refresh. New carpet, LVT, paint, cabinetry, and ceiling tile could go a long way!

Get Flexible With Your Floor Plan

By incorporating flexibility into your office layout, it can help account for future growth or even restructure within your organization. Some examples of this could be having extra rooms for future offices, but using them as additional focus rooms or huddle spaces until they get filled. Leaving open spaces in your layout can also account for more cubicles in the future. In the meantime, they could create opportunities for pop-up collaboration spaces.

Add Up Your Amenities

Are the surrounding amenities helping to bring in good workers or help meet the needs of your company? Many landlords these days are striving to incorporate new amenities in their buildings to help attract new tenants and help keep their buildings leased. Some of these common amenities that can be shared with all users of the building could include: mother’s rooms, fitness rooms, executive conference rooms, corporate kitchens or vending areas, small coffee shops, mailrooms, game rooms, lounges, training rooms, and even free parking.

Rendering of the soon-to-be new Veranda space. Designed by Alissa Nelson – Manager of SPARK Design

Consider What Your Customers Need

Do you get a lot of foot traffic from your customers? Are you meeting your customer’s needs? What kind of impression do you want to give off? Maybe it’s time to focus on your lobby or reception area. First impressions can sometimes make or break a deal. You want to show that you are professional, established, and accommodating. Ways to achieve this can be through built-in reception desks, accent tile walls with your logo behind the desk, or even having a separate waiting area with a coffee bar to make customers feel welcome.

Do you feel inspired and ready to take on a spring project for your office? If so, make sure you take some time to reaccess your company needs for your current space. If it doesn’t seem like your current space will do the trick, then maybe it is time to start looking for a new space that will be more accommodating. Whichever route you end up going, remember to consider refresh and regrowth this spring season!

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