Showing Gratitude to Your Employees in the Workplace

November is the start of the holiday season, and is a time to remember to be thankful. This is a great time in the year for employers to show their employees the appreciation they deserve. Below are some creative ways to show appreciation in the workplace:

Public Recognition

Public recognition is one of the most powerful ways to show off the accomplishments of an employee. In return, this can affect the overall motivation for all employees across the board. In order to display any awards, you may need to design a certain area of the office in order to showcase these accomplishments. Some companies may choose to do so in their lobbies so customers can see all the hard work and efforts your company puts in. Other companies may choose to display awards in their break rooms or in their workrooms.

Work/Life Balance

Some companies are able to work from home a couple of days a week, but some companies based on the work they do, are not able to do so. For those who do not have the option to work from home, your company could bring some of the elements of home into this office. This would help break up the everyday work environment and help employees feel appreciated. Some of these special elements could include outdoor patios, coffee shop areas, a fitness center, a lounge area, a mother’s room, a break café, and focus rooms.

Marriott’s recently renovated corporate office. Photo from ICG, Inc.

Personalized Rewards

Smaller, personalized reward systems can be just as motivating as larger, publicly recognized awards. These awards could be given out quarterly to a member of each team. To hand out such awards, you may need spaces like a training room, board room, conference room, or even just a small collaboration space depending on the size of your team. Having this type of area will give the opportunity for the whole team to be together in one space so they can all congratulate the person in the spotlight!

Photo from Office Furniture Warehouse.

Catered Meals

Providing a company-wide meal is one of the easiest ways to show employees that they are appreciated. This could be a breakfast or a lunch. In order to do so comfortably, a large break café may be the answer. Having lots of counter space for serving food and a mix of seating options creates an environment where employees can all sit and enjoy fellowship together. Another great alternative to a break café may be a multipurpose room. This type of room could be an easy building amenity that could be shared and rented out to all tenants in the building.

Parking Spaces

If applicable to the location of your workplace, you could reward employees with parking spot privileges. Whether that be a close spot to the entrance or even a spot in a parking garage. These can be especially rewarding on rainy days, or those cold, winter days!

No matter how you choose to do so, make sure you take a moment this holiday season to say “Thank You” to your employees and let them know how much you appreciate all their hard work. From all of us at SPARK, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and have a fun and safe long weekend full of good food, family gatherings and traditions, and lots of shopping!

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